Welcome to the Northern Territory SPIRITember team!

Be sure to scroll down and look through our complete SPIRITember speakers and stall holders videos.

We are very proud to have on board Tammy Hatherill from Tammy’s Tarot and Healing in Darwin as our SPIRITember Co-ordinator!!!

Welcome Tammy and to your team of SPIRITember partners.

Firstly, we would love to introduce you to Estelle’s stunning Allora Gardens Nursery where the SPIRITember event will be held on the Sunday 24th September 2017. we are very grateful to be able to hold this years event on these stunning grounds!

Thank you so very much Estelle!!


And now here is a list of some of our speakers and stall holders with interviews on their thoughts about SPIRITember: